Is Your Doctrine Biblically Sound Or Just Plain False?

Sound Doctrine is commonly replaced by man's logic and traditions

What is Sound Doctrine?

Sound doctrine is doctrine straight from an incorruptible Word of God, called the Bible and not from any logic, tradition or experience, as these will race the sinner toward the destruction of their souls faster than anything. Christians are to study to know what sound doctrine is and what is not, for a Christian who refuses to study the Word of God for himself will often be made ashamed of by the world because the world will make him look like the fool he is.

All too often, men look to other sources for their doctrine concerning God and His desires for man. Sources such as: Traditionalism, Rationalism, Confessionalism and Mysticism. Though these are ever present in our daily lives, they should never be used as a source for our doctrine. The Word of God alone is the only true source of doctrine and nothing else can be because they come from men.

To be a truly noble Christian, we are to search the Word of God for ourselves and to trust no one. (Acts 17:11). Your eternity depends on it!

King James Version Only

The King James version Bible has been under attack by Satan's allies since its beginning days, but yet, it has stood the test of time as is still embraced as the version of choice in most Christian homes.

Christian Giving vs. Tithing

The tithe is not for New Testament Believers and in this article, I explain why.

What The Bible Says About Homosexuality

It does not matter what you or I believe about Homosexuality. What matters is what God says about it.

The Evil Pill: Birth Control

One of the most wicked devices conceived by evil men and women is what we know as the birth control pill. It is a wicked device devised by wicked men and women, like Margaret Sanger. Birth control is nothing more than a silent abortion tool and God will judge women for their use of it.

The Nation Israel: Should Christians Support It

What is the Nation of Israel and who makes it up. What does that nation believe and stand for? Do they stand for God? What Gospel do they preach? Is their doctrine of devils or is it of God? Christians better think again about who and what they should support.

The Only Hope for any Jew: Accept Christ as their True and Only Messiah

"Ye must be born again" was the message from Christ to the Jew during His ministry 2000 years ago and it is still His message to them today. To claim otherwise is lie and doctrine of devils.



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